Tuesday, January 12, 2010

By2 by US

Watch out for us on 23rd january =]
Baby = editor of the pic
Yingqi = photographer :D

Friday, January 8, 2010


Just Realise there are so many things i want... But all i have to work hard for it..Haiz...
Santa didnt fufil the list ... T_T
Wads the list?
  1. Pass my driving licence and drive a mini cooper=D
  2. Victoria secret the bag on ebay hahax...
  3. Collection of canmake make-up products
  4. A pair of Aldo/Pedro high heels
  5. Vagary watch
  6. etc...etc..etc

haha. Am i materailistic? Hmm...Mayb?


But again? which singaporean girl dare sae they are not lolx


Intially wanted to go school and complete up the GP but was realli beat out by the insufficient rest over the past weeks. OxO
Went Bugis Street to get the outfit for the 23rd’s performance and headed straight down to OB to practice. We really nd alot of brush up and touching up. JIAYOU girl!=D
The other item 喜欢你, the comment for it wasnt tt bad. So at least there was smth there. Let’s work hard tgt.
Tmr gng Yarden’s hse to do the 3rd-up recording. Hope it will be very successful and the process will be a smooth one=D
os: Thanks guy for helpin us out!辛苦你了=D
Went for my first private tutoring job. Was abit lost…but! i am sure i am capable of teaching her well=D
My student is called liyana, very cute=D small size haha. then very shy. At least her chinese standard wasnt as bad as i tot it wld be. Her parents also have confidence in me. so… I WILL DO MY BEST! hahax
Tmr gng to bedok central’s kumon branch. The working time freaking early..T_T 10am-1pm…omg…Its like gng sch time..
bUt cos i am broke for the month..wad can i sae? Just hopefully able to report to work on time:X
+Missing my baby nw+

Sunday, January 3, 2010

1 & 1/2 mth anniversary-more to count<3

One and a half mth anniversary
Longest Relationship of my love history.
With the guy i loved most<3
But once again! its half planned haha.
Baby finally had chance to dine at Swiss culture.
The set meal was okies.
I like e spring rolls.
os to Baby:
Thanks everything for the past mths,
Thanks for tolerating me again and again=D
Thanks for giving me all the love that you have.
If there is anything that can last forever,
i may tt would be our love<3

Yay! finally gt e mickey with blusher by Baby=D
This mickey is our xiao xiao dear orh!=D
With loves

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Resolution 2010

Listing my New Year Resolutions again hahax.
There are so many resolutions this year to make!

Here goes...

  1. To be a more loving, understanding girlfriend to my Baby<3
  2. To achieve GPA 3.2
  3. To perform well and able to choreo dance movements
  4. To be able to sing more stably withnin 3mths and gain more exposures
  5. To lose 5kg withnin 6mths.
  6. To have more cosmetics and clothes and shoes=D
  7. To spend more time with my frenz esp those i promised to (eg: yun, cass, jas and Lixin)
  8. To make smth out in the kitchen(nt make-out in the kitchen = =)
  9. To be more thrifty and do more part-time jobs
  10. To go taiwan with SN gurls
  11. To be prettier by the mths goes haha!
  12. To take less cabs and wake up early for school :x
  13. To be more organised
  14. To be more TIDY ! ahha

Hopefully all these wil be achieved! haha=D

How bout ur resolutions?

Countdown 2010!

Hey ppl!
Happy New Year to a brand new 2010!!
Making my New Year Resolution next=D
Woke up early to start preparing for the countdown.
Went for a Boa's energetic inspired makeup and realised i lack alot of colours 0.0!
Need replenish!
Since watson nw also gt 20% discount muahahaha
This is the outcome of the make up i personaly like alot=D
Met up with Baby at Dhoby ghuat. hehe
He belongs to me and no one else=x
After tt Baby accompanied me to Vivo to find the gurls.
Some quality time tgt b4 he left. l0ved this pic=D

The gurls finaly arrive but sy and py last min cant go. ow!
Was pretty drunk at the end of the nite.
And the feeling was UNCOMFORTABLE.
Puking and unstable
Thanks yq n yilin for taking care of me and yx haha.
Both of us were too drunk.
And also tks the 5 stranger gals who helped us over to fullerton hotel too.=D
Anw the remaining jus let the pictures do the talking.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas celebration-part 2

Christmas Eve with my baby<3
haha though baby didnt fully planned it out but i will sae GOT improvement le =D haha
Bibi was entertained by the surprise and the bloopers haha!!!
Dressed pretty and "sexily"haha
to go to....?
Baby said it was to go to the beach. but i tot was like east cost park? hahah!
Went to this place called "Cafe Del Mar"

Ordered SeaBreeze and House-vodka
Their light snacks are so not light snacks :X
The Nachos = $8 look at the portioon!!!
No sunset but a sweet time spending with Baby. Consider romantic to me=D haha
cos big progress by Baby.=D

Loving-couple <3
The face of a gurl in love=DBaby making me fat with icecream haha.
Eating icecream under the night skyBaby Diy his present. The string looked like the ones that you used to tie e crab and the present itself look like kotex with e very nice touch haha!!!
BUT!! Baby fooled me wif the present!!!
This is wad he did..
Firstly the box was pretty haha baby diy it with nyce deco=D
BUT!!! i tot it was puzzle inside and even shake it.
When i open....It was another box ==
BABY1!!!! and he sat there and laugh while i look like a retardTA-DA! the present!
Me: Baby..
Baby: you like it!
Me: erm..its tt e right size
There's a reason to ask tt. cos even our couple ring, my size was wrong0.0
and no doubt! this ring was loose too! it was e size of Baby's last finger.
How to solve the problem?
Baby: EAT MORE BIBI! and you can wear it le! haha
My gong gong baby haha
That answers the question of why i love him <33
Baby's retard expression ahaha after he see tt e ring was loose and tt one of the present was discovered by me even before xmas! hah
Baby looked like 蜡笔小新
Went back vivo to get stuff. Baby looked so 幸福-ing
My 2nd breakfast with baby haha
os: 幸福温暖-中